Approximate Costs for Bonnet Making Supplies

Due to several requests, I've tried to compile a cost list of specific supplies you'll need to make your bonnet. Please know that prices will vary depending on where you purchase them and if you already have them in your stash. The costs listed below are approximate based on current vendor research and personal knowledge. They are for reference only.

  • Pattern: $12-18 depending on selection
  • Buckram, 1/2 yard needed: $15-18/yd.
  • Millinery Wire, size 19 (2-3 yards needed): $1/yd.
  • Fabric, 1/2 yard silk (silk taffeta preferred but could use faux silk for budget reasons): $8-24/yd.
  • Flannel/Mull fabric, 1/2 yard: $2-6/yd.
  • Crinoline Tape or Bias: $3
  • Trims: varies per project with ribbons, florals & feathers desired

Some vendors may sell kits with the basic buckram/wire/needles for millinery projects and are a good deal generally.