Patterns for the Victorian Undergarments

Undergarment patterns are fairly basic and can be found in various resources. However, because I love Truly Victorian patterns and know Heather McNaughton personally, we'll be using her patterns for the class.

  • READ THE PATTERN SHEET for the yardage you'll need for each project. Yardage is also listed on each specific pattern page on the Truly Victorian website (a tab at the bottom of each pattern page).

NOTE BEFORE ORDERING PATTERNS: Please, please review the videos in Lesson 1 on sizing and supplies for the lobster tail bustle. For simplicity, you can order pre-cut & tipped hoop wire straight from Truly Victorian. However, you must know which shape you want to make and also your pattern size. Save yourself time and shipping costs by reviewing Lesson 1 first THEN ordering your patterns. You can also jump to Lesson 4 for more info on which lobster tail size to make.

Truly Victorian TV102 - Chemise & Drawers

Truly Victorian TV163 - Lobster Tail Bustle

Truly Victorian TV170 - Victorian Petticoats

*Many students have asked to vary their pattern selections outside of the recommended ones below. This is fine; however, keep in mind the videos and handout instructions are specific to the following patterns, although the techniques are easily adaptable to other basic pattern shapes. Use the techniques in class to sew a variety of different undergarments!

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